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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Escape Dilbert!

Why do so many people relate to Dilbert? Is it because we recognize in Dilbert’s work-a-day world an image (a highly exaggerated and distorted image, one would hope) of our own? And what does that say about the uniqueness, or lack of uniqueness, of the organizational cultures in which we operate? Are organizations so undifferentiated that we all read Dilbert with a rueful pang of self-recognition?

Perhaps your company needs to do more to build a culture that stands apart. A place to start is with your vision, mission and values. These statements should express goals and aspirations that are uniquely yours. If they could apply equally well to your competitors, you need to start again. Take chances. Share the message with all of your employees and engage them fully so that they understand how their roles contribute. Create a culture that reflects your values and that employees can embrace.

We can’t beat our competitors if we are all doing the same thing.

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