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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Harnessing the intrapreneur

Rather than making history for its deep recession and record unemployment, 2009 might instead be remembered as the year business start-ups reached their highest level in 14 years, reports a recent New York Times article. Many individuals affected by the recession are now seizing the opportunity to reinvent themselves and pursue their own business. Organizations that are seeking to reinvent themselves in the new economy are also now in a position to leverage the intrapreneurial spirit that may lie within their leadership and workforce talent. Such companies can reap the benefits of this opportunity by identifying, recruiting and developing employees who have entrepreneurial motivations and competencies.

Such savvy intrapreneurs are the types of employees who regularly pursue new business opportunities. They network and build relationships with clients and potential business partners. They take action on profitable and mission appropriate opportunities, and they demonstrate a willingness to experiment and pursue risks to further the vision. When harnessed, these intrapreneurs can drive organic growth and innovation. When misaligned, they can be hard to manage, too independently minded, and out of sync with the company’s strategy. So, it is important to identify and align these intrapreneurs efficiently and effectively.

All entrepreneurs/intrapreneurs are not created equal. As companies continue to evolve to meet the dynamics of today’s ever-changing market, some leaders may no longer “fit” their current roles and could potentially become “blockers” or engage in high-risk and unaligned initiatives that divert company energy and strategic direction. The rules of the game have changed and the players may need to change, too. If they haven’t or can’t change, then organizations will need to move them out and replace them with leaders who hold the right skills.

It is prime time for organizations to assess the leaders they have today and the skills and capabilities needed both now and in the future. Do you have the right people in place to grow, innovate and prosper? Are you tapping the potential of your own intrapreneurs?

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